Czechs were always erotica pioneers. The first erotic movie was Ecstasy in 1933. But after that, nothing! In the 1940s it was WW2 and then communist rule and along with it censorship. In 1960s there were some attempts to revive some type of erotic cinema in Czechoslovakia but it was very light (only a brief shot of tits in a few movies).

With the Prague Spring, there was a possibility of the start of Czech erotic cinema since people loved erotica and were demanding more of it. But on August 21, 1968, the Russians invaded our country. What happened next is history and we had another 20 years of rigid communist rule without any sexuality. It was the lost years of Czech erotica. Can you imagine how much more erotica could have been made in that time? Vast amounts! That is one of the reasons for this site – to make up for the lost time and revive sex comedies.

We would like to tell you the story of the first Czech erotica legend. She reminds us all of what could have happened if the Russians hadn’t come and the Prague Spring was allowed to go on. This is the story of Alena Penz. She was born in 1949 in Prague to a family of painters. From her childhood she wanted to be an actress.

In the early 1960s she worked in some Czech children’s TV shows and when she grew up she even acted in a few mainstream Czech movies. The roles were only cameos but for her it was a good start. She was even attending the Czech Film Academy with dreams of becoming a famous actress.

But then the Russian invasion happened and many people fled the country to escape communist persecution and in search of intellectual freedom. One of them was Alena. She was enjoying her summer holidays in 1969 in Germany and she decided not to go back to Czechoslovakia. She chose to stay in Germany and settled in Hamburg. There she got an offer from German director Alfred Weidenmann and consequently from famous German sex comedy director Franz Marischka.

Alena rose to stardom in the 1970s and she was the main actress in a few sex comedies such as “Auf der Alm da gibt’s koa Sünd”. She also did erotic flicks like like Salon Kitty by Tinto Brass. She was active in the 1980s and after that she retired. Nobody knows what she is doing today or where she is now.

And this is the story of the first Czech erotica star. She wanted to be an actress and she got to do it as an erotica star. Most Czechs have no idea about her, but we love you Alena. Because you are the first!


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