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Angelica Bella • Hungarian First


Angelica Bella was born in the small Hungarian town of Tiszalök on 15 February 1970. After studying business at college she became a model and in April 1990 came to the attention of French director Pierre Woodman, who was in Budapest looking for girls to appear in an upcoming Marc Dorcel movie. Woodman carried out his usual casting interview with Angelica, after which he had sex with her on camera. Unfortunately this vignette, which included Angelica’s first on-screen anal sex scene, has since been lost.

The following year German director Nils Molitor (stage name Moli, working for Magma) decided to make two films in Budapest using sets provided at low cost by Majfilm, the Hungarian national film corporation. He asked a local casting agency to find either a blond or a brunette to use in the movies and was presented with a dozen girls to choose from. One of them was Angelica Bella, who at the time was working part-time as a salesgirl in an ice-cream parlour.

Angelica Bella was the model that caught his attention. Molitor would later describe her as a cross between Brooke Shields and Jane Seymour, and went on to cast her in the main role for both films. On 12 August 1991 Gabriella adopted the pseudonym Gabriella Jankov and starred in her first porn movie, Spritzende Colts (1991). This was soon followed by Molitor’s second movie, Osmanische Sexsklavinnen (1991), where she used the pseudonym Gabriella Kovacs.

Despite male actors finding her difficult to work with because of her temperament, her beauty ensured she was an instant success with the public. Within two months Molitor had invited her to Germany to work for him again.

12653_7131_123_856loBy this point her reputation was beginning to spread, and she soon came to the attention of Belgian director Dino Baumberger, who cast her in his period movie Les Secrets De Mozart (1992). Next in line was legendary Italian director Mario Salieri, who asked her to star in Roma Connection (1991) and the classic, Tutta Una Vita (1992), the latter alongside Dutch porn star, Zara Whites.

At this point she was using the pseudonym Gabriella Dari, but decided to change it to Angelica Bella when she came under the management of Giorgo Grande (aka Canyon Grande) in 1992, who also became her boyfriend.

Angelica Bella now began commuting between Budapest and Rome. With the assistance of Hungarian based French porn star Christophe Clark she perfected her image, while in Italy she began a long promotional campaign that included photo shoots and public appearances. Her aim was to rival her compatriot Cicciolina.

pf1188_070Angelica’s breakthrough occurred in 1992, when she starred in Eccitazioni Fatali (1992), with Italian legend Moana Pozzi. By this point she had become one of the best known and most loved Italian based porn stars in Europe. Having conquered the European market she decided to try her luck in the US, where she starred in The Fisherman’s Wife (1992), alongside such established US actors such as Tom Byron. Although her US made films left a lot to be desired, she nevertheless finished the year by winning the award Hot d’Or for Best Actress at Cannes.

T13380303741227120_3Angelica returned to Europe and continued making porn films for various Italian and German companies, acquiring the nickname ‘The Animal’ from the film crews because of her passionate performances. When Cicciolina retired in 1992, and Moana Pozzi died in 1994, Angelica finally found herself not only the most popular porn star in Italy, but also among the top stars in Europe.

T13380303741227120_5Over the next couple of years her output diminished, and by 1997 she was working almost exclusively for Giorgo Grande. On the whole these were cheaply made and instantly forgettable movies with Angelica being their only redeeming feature. At this point she also stopped having sex with men in front of the camera, and limited herself to lesbian scenes with fellow Hungarian porn star Veronica Bella. Veronica was also managed by Grande, who began circulating rumours that the two girls were in fact sisters. Despite not being true, this proved to be a successful marketing tool. All the non-lesbian sex scenes in Angelica’s movies from this time were simply recycled footage from earlier releases.

T13380303741227120_2In 1998 Angelica retired from the porn industry, but returned in 2000 to work once again for Giorgo Grande. Although she was still enthusiastic when it came to sex, Angelica had gained weight and lost the tight voluptuous figure that had originally made her so popular. Production values remained poor and the mere presence of Angelica was no longer enough to compensate. She continued to make sporadic porn movies until 2004 when she retired once again and faded from public view.

34052_ANGB7_123_40loMost of the movies Angelica Bella made were cheap one-day wonders with little or no storyline. There were exceptions, such as Tutta Una Vita, but generally her popularity rested on the fact that she lacked any sense of inhibition and looked great having sex in front of the camera. She had a voluptuous figure, with beautiful firm natural breasts, and was never averse to a few kinky acts such as fucking herself with a bottle or being fisted. There were few, if any, highlights in the latter half of her career, but during her peak in the early 1990s, Angelica Bella was without doubt the most successful porn star to come out of Eastern Europe.

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