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Born on 11 April 1975, in Budapest, Hungary, Anita always wanted to become a model. Her family was protective though, and when she was finally given an opportunity when she was 15, it was always under the supervision of her mother. “When I was a teenager doing regular modeling my mom always came with me to all my shoots. She wanted to be sure that nothing happened. That no one asked me to take off my bra. She wanted me to be a very good girl.” Anita’s private life was also sheltered. She would later say that despite losing her virginity at the age of 15, the experience was so bad that she refused to have sex again for two years. By her late teens she was taking part in beauty pageants in Hungary, and in 1994 she was crowned Miss Budapest.

Despite her success as a model, Anita was unable to make ends meet and began working as a secretary. She would later recall being stopped in the street on the way to work by a man who eventually became her manager. He persuaded her to model lingerie and eventually “talked me into doing nude modeling.” “When I was 19 I felt I wasn’t a child anymore and made the decision that I wanted to do nude modeling. My mum wasn’t there to control me anymore… she was a bit disappointed in me when she found out, but then she understood that was what I wanted to do… so what could she say?”
According to Anita, she was extremely shy at the time and would often have to drink a couple of shots before being able to strip for the photo shoot. Her natural looks, however, meant that she was popular with photographers and the public, and within three months she had saturated the market. “I started with the photos and after my manager said, ‘you have too many pictures’. And I said, okay, what can we do? He said you can do porno photos for the magazines. I just tried, but it was very difficult.”

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She soon came to the attention of French director Pierre Woodman. Pierre Woodman worked for Private and is credited with also discovering Anita Blond and Nikky Anderson. Anita later admitted, “In the beginning, I absolutely did not want to make porn films.” “When I saw porno movies I thought it was very dirty and I could never do something like that.”

During her first casting with Woodman, she comes across as a very shy teenage girl, reluctant to even take her clothes off in front of the camera. Despite her career as a nude model, she had never been particularly promiscuous and would later say, “I wasn’t a virgin, but I may as well have been a virgin!” Nevertheless, as was the case with most Central European girls that entered porn during the mid-1990s, the lure of fame and money proved too much to resist and within a month she had made her first porn film. “I was always been thinking, oh my God! Porn is something I could never do. But once you are there and you are doing it, it’s kind of easy and fun.” She would later claim: “It feels great when people love me and find me extra sexy, [but] I hate when people recognize me in public places. I have no idea how many people I have had sex with!”
Anita adopted the pseudonym Sonia Berger and made her first hardcore movie titled Pornovista (1994), directed by Pascal Delaunay. “I met my boyfriend [John Walton] in my first movie and we have been together ever since [they split in 1999].” Nevertheless, she later described the experience as being “very difficult. I had anal sex for the first time in my life. It felt so weird!”

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In the early days of her career, Anita not only did anal sex scenes but also did a number of double penetrations. “When I started in the porno business I did anal. Then when I was shooting in Budapest I had a very bad experience. I won’t tell you the details, but after that I said, stop! No more! And from that moment on if someone said they wanted me to work for them, I said okay, but I won’t do anal. Many companies said, if you don’t do anal, how much will you ask for? I tell them, thesame. Some companies agree and so I have never done anal again. But in my private life, I really love it! It’s different. I can’t explain the feeling, but it’s really good!”

Anita Dark was often cast alongside fellow Hungarian Anita Blond. “I met Anita Blond when I first started doing photo shoots. We started at the same time. I like her very much and she is a good friend. We are both called Anita – that’s our real name – so when we shot our first big movie together with [director] Mario Salieri, they asked us what our names would be when we signed the contract. We both said, ‘I don’t know’, so they asked my manager. He just looked at us and said, you’re Anita Dark and you’re Anita Blond. And it stayed. We’ve done lots of scenes together, and it’s fun. I like it.”
According to Anita Blond, “Apart from Lea Martini, Anita Dark is my favorite actress. She’s Hungarian like me, we’ve known each other a long time and we’re very close. Every time we meet up for a new film we become inseparable. I love having sex with her. We probably know each other bodies better than our respective boyfriends.” On film, it was obvious the two girls enjoyed working together, while their contrasting hair color and raw sexuality proved to be an explosive combination. [/nextpage][nextpage title=”Miss Pornstar”]

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Most of Anita Dark’s early movies were made for either small German or Italian companies. On the whole, they were of poor quality, but Anita was proving that despite her initial reluctance, she was a natural in front of the camera. In the beginning her the attitude was businesslike. “It was part of my life. I thought, okay, this is work. I go to work and I fuck someone, and it’s finished and I go back home. And then I started to enjoy it. It became easier. There were some people I really liked and when I knew I was going to work with him or him, I was excited!” Anita had no inhibitions when it came to sex, often taking part in group-sex or facial come shots, claiming, however, that her most exciting experience was “being with three guys… off camera!”
Anita had a soft but curvaceous body, a beautiful face, and a wonderful smile, and by the end of 1995, she had established herself as one of the most popular porn girls in Europe. She eventually won the Mario Salieri Film Award, and in 1996 began working for Marc Dorcel’s VMD company.
VMD was one of the largest and most established adult video companies in Europe, and was responsible for turning Laure Sainclair, Anita Blond, Anita Dark, Maria De Sanchez, Lea Martini and Olivia Del Rio into major European stars. By the end of 1996, Anita Dark won the award for Best European Porn Star at the Brussels Adult Film Festival. The French edition of Penthouse then voted her one of the top seven European porn stars of the year – the others being Laure Sainclair, Anita Blond, Olivia Del Rio, Lea Martini, Coralie and N’J De Bahia.
Although Anita proved easy to work with, her limited understanding of English and complete lack of French did create problems. While filming L’Experience (1996) with German porn star Kelly Trump, a movie that turned out to be one of her best, a French-English translator attempted to give her the director’s instructions. Anita would constantly reply ‘yes, yes’ to every instruction she was given, and then do something completely different. It eventually became clear that ‘yes, yes’ was about the limit of her English, and she had no idea what she was being told. Somehow the film was completed, becoming not only one of the most expensive French porn films ever made but also one of the best that either Anita Dark or Kelly Trump appeared in.

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Like many of her European contemporaries, Anita Dark attempted to crack the US market in 1996-1997, appearing in such movies as The Voyeur 8. “One day, me and three of my friends decided to take a plane and fly to LA to have some fun and work a little bit. We loved it too much, so we went back a few more times.” Once again she often found herself paired up with Anita Blond, and the two successfully established themselves within the US industry. “The big difference is how they work in Europe and how they work in America. The money is almost the same, but if I’m working in Europe it’s all day, from early morning until night. Always! But if I work in America it’s different. It’s very easy. Everything is very fast. Sometimes I will go there at 2 pm, do two scenes, and I’m in the hotel again at 6 pm.” Nevertheless, the monopoly enjoyed by US stars within the market prevented her from consolidating her position and she soon returned to Europe, where she again won the 1997 award for Best European Porn Star in Brussels.[/nextpage][nextpage title=”Miss US”]

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At around this time, Anita also began working the strip circuit. “Some girls dance in Italy, Austria or Germany. So I started as well. And you know, you can make more money dancing than in movies. It’s not as easy as making porno movies, but the money is good.” By 1998, though, she had had enough. She made her last porn film, Mode, and quit the hard-core business altogether, simply claiming “I got too tired of it.” “To tell you the truth, when I started in porno, I wasn’t shy anymore, and I had sex with some nice people. But when I started to love my boyfriend more and more, I said, okay, stop! I don’t want this anymore. I just want to live a normal life. If that’s possible – I don’t know.” Her plans for the future were vague but she felt it was time to move on. “Maybe I will have a husband and a baby. I’m 23 and I’m still romantic. I really want to forget this part of my life, but of course, I can’t because it was almost four years. But I won’t be telling it to my daughter or son. It happened and it’s now over.” She returned to Budapest and decided to concentrate on her modeling career under her real name Anita Perger.

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Over the next year, Anita appeared in various Hungarian television commercials and magazine adverts, but money was always tight. As a result, in 2000 she relocated to Florida in the USA, where she eventually married. She later claimed, “I like living in Florida, but I miss Europe so much… and, of course, my family is there, so it’s a little hard to live without them. But I like my new home and my new life as well.”
Anita’s parents had never been happy about their daughter appearing in porn films – “they think I stopped. They were not too happy about it”, she later remarked. In fact, she had convinced them that she was leaving Europe in order to pursue a mainstream modelling career. Once in the States, Anita did begin working as an underwear and bikini model, but unknown to her parents she also posed for numerous nude photo shoots. She would later claim, “I’d like to be a famous movie star in Hollywood. I feel like I will, if not in this life, then the next.”

Instead, she returned to the adult industry, set up her own website and was filmed doing a number of girl-girl sex scenes with US porn stars such as Amber Lynn. Although she refused to have sex with men in front of the camera, by 2003 Anita Dark had returned to stripping as well as working as an escort.
Anita never admitted to working as an escort. However, despite not having sex with men on camera anymore, there were numerous reviews on escort sites that showed she had lost none of her passion for fucking! One client wrote, “Simply stated, she is incredible! The guy who said money can’t buy happiness apparently never used it to sweat up the sheets with Anita Dark. This girl is literally amazing… in the sense that I found myself in constant amazement that I was actually in bed with her. Her curves and features seem too good to be true.”

Ten years later she was still appearing in girl-girl sex scenes and posing for photo shoots that she used for her website.
Anita Dark remains one of the most beautiful women to enter the European adult film industry during the mid-1990s. As Marc Dorcel once said: “She brings sensuality and spontaneity to every scene she appears in. If Anita Dark didn’t make porn films, she would definitely, one way or another, appear on the cover of magazines.”


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Aka: Anita Pansy, Sonia Berger
Real Name: Anita Perger
Date of Birth: 11/04/1975 Place of Birth: Hungary
Height: 1,73m/5’7″
Film Career: 1994-1999,
Recommended Movies:

Bodyslammin’ (1997)
L’Empreinte du Vice (1998)
L’Expérience (1996)
Le Fetichiste (1999)
L’Indecente aux Enfers (1997)
Mode (1998)
Offertes à Tout 7 (1995)
Pretty Girl (1994)
The Revenge (1996)
Ritratto di Famiglia (1997)


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