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Anne Magle is one of the most iconic and attractive Scandinavian women to appear in porn during the late 1970s. Very little is known of her early years, although according to director Howard Ziehm, she was born in 1959. However, as with the French porn actress Marilyn Jess, Anne’s youthful looks meant that whatever her real age at the time, she was constantly cast in teenage roles.
Anna was still in high school when she began nude modelling in 1974. She quickly moved on to hardcore photo shoots and by 1975 had appeared in her first 8mm porn loop. Her early loops were for Danish companies such as Color Climax and Diplomat. The age of consent in Denmark was and still is 15. It appears that this, combined with loopholes in Danish law meant that the use of models under the age of 18 was perfectly legal. The law was changed in 1980 and finally tightened in 2003. Nevertheless, all her early loops and magazine layouts, although rare, can still be legally purchased in sex shops across Europe.

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Anne Magle eventually appeared in about 30 loops for various European companies, but relatively few feature-length porn movies. Her first movie was called Drömdoktorn (1975), directed by Torgny Wickman. Unfortunately it was never completed as the camera broke after 70% of the movie was in the can. The Swedish company Klubb Super 8 later found the footage and painstakingly cut it together themselves with help from the script (which they also found). It was eventually released in 2011 as a DVD bonus with Ta mej I dalen. Although the footage has no sound, we see Anne Magle dressed as a schoolgirl visiting the doctor, played by American actor Eric Edwards, who proceeds to have sex with her.

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Her first feature film that was actually released was I løvens tegn (1976). This is a well-made period piece that ranks as one of the best adult films shot in Scandinavia in the late 1970s. It was later released under the French title Les Belles dames du temps jadis.
In the movie Anne Magle starred alongside the established German porn actress Gina Janssen and 24 year-old Ann-Marie Berglund, who was appearing in her first of only two adult movies. In a 1977 interview Berglund recalled working with Anne Magle in I løvens tegn.


“The scene contains a room full of mirrors with a big bed in the middle in which three persons, a man and two women, are to make love. I’m one of the women. We crawl into bed like obedient school children, the guy looks nice and kind, no more and no less, the woman [Anne Magle], who is a little girl, looks like a doll… The girl is more used to it than I am and performs the whole pleasure-scale of the classic erotic cinema. I imitate her as well as I can… ‘Lick her!’ demands the director. I do as I’m told and she tastes like perfumed soap, her sex is like a little girl’s, light pink and slightly withdrawn, like a flower. Despite this un-romantic situation, I am overcome by tenderness and can’t help smiling at her pussy. The room is quiet.”
According to Berglund, despite both girls giving him a blowjob, their male co-star had trouble maintaining his erection. “We girls do our best; we can’t just remain aloof and indifferent when it really comes to cooperation… finally, it stands. Back and forth it flutters in front of our mouths. We silently draw a breath of relief and think that now it’s simply a case of doing what comes naturally.”

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Unfortunately, when either girl tried to mount his cock he would lose his erection again. “The whole lick ‘n’ suck procedure starts again… The whole thing ends with us having to fake it all by simply sucking and caressing throughout the whole scene. Then we just lie down with fake expressions of sexual ecstasy.”
One of the highlights of the film is a scene in which Anne Magle, Berglund and Gina Janssen have sex with three men through glory-holes cut into a screen. However, according to Berglund it was extremely difficult to ensure three simultaneous erections.
“The next scene has three cocks sticking out of holes in a wall and three ladies bottoms receiving them. It’s one of the most fun scenes to do in the whole film. The cocks peek out of the holes like hesitant little snouts. Just when one has gathered enough courage, another shrinks and disappears… On our side of the wall, we wait, rather gleefully. On the other side, the guys eagerly struggle in order to get some life into their unreliable members.

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What they don’t know is that they can be seen by us, thanks to the mirror in the ceiling. I see, for the first time, how men do it when they aren’t observed (or think that they aren’t)… Finally all of them peek out of the holes. Then it’s up to our holes to adapt to them. Not that easy, as the holes in the wall are a bit too high up for us.”
Berglund concluded by saying, “There are no boundaries broken by participating in a pornographic film, not within oneself, not out there in society. But there’s still a bit of fun to be had. Especially as there’s always someone out there, willing to get really offended by it.” She later went on to become an established Swedish poet and writer, eventually winning the Dobloug Prize for literature in 2002.
In 1977, Anne Magle also starred in Kärleksvirveln and Molly, as well as securing minor roles in Agent 69 Jensen i Skorpionens Tegn and Ta mej i dalen. All are well-made erotic films worth hunting down. However, her big break came when American director Howard Ziehm visited Europe and met Berth Milton, founder of Private magazine.

Ziehm had established himself by directing the science fiction sexploitation comedy Flesh Gordon (1974) and was now in the process of shooting his ‘Pastry Films’ trilogy. The first two, Honey Pie and Sweet Cakes (both 1976) had starred established US porn actresses such as Terri Hall, Linda Wong, Serena and Desiree West. Now he was looking for something different.

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[/nextpage][nextpage title=”American Adventure”]I told Milton I was looking for a couple of girls who would be willing to fly to L.A. and work for me there,” he later wrote in his autobiography, Take Your Shame and Shove It: A wild journey through the mysterious sexual cosmos. Things failed to work out with the first girl he was introduced to; with the second he struck gold.


“The stunning young blond he brought along made my pulse rise. I had seen her in several hardcore layouts in Private; one with an American porn model, Eric Edwards, playing the role of a priest receiving a blowjob. Her name was Anne Magle. When she told me that she had just turned 18, I realised, since her layout had been published two years earlier, that she had been doing porn since she was 16. She was obviously a wild girl.”

Anne agreed to appear in Ziehm’s next movie, Hot Cookies (1977), and eventually spent three weeks in the States living in his guesthouse. Her scene with veteran American actor Joey Silvera is the highlight of what would otherwise be a very mediocre porn film.
According to Ziehm though, he wanted more than to just cast her in his movie. “I wanted to fuck her in the worst way,” he later admitted, “but sensed that if I moved too fast it would blow my chances. I recognised that she had different standards for ‘free sex’ and ‘paid sex’. Paid sex was a job and free sex was enjoyment. I had lots of time.

376041280_2627_123_501loBy the third week, my inclination had proved to be correct and we became good friends, sexually and otherwise.”
Once the shoot was over she returned to Europe and Ziehm doubted he would ever see her again. “So it came as a complete surprise when she called a month later to tell me she was back in L.A. Even more surprising, was that she was now married to an American citizen and had plans to become a citizen herself.” According to Ziehm, she had spent the flight back to Denmark sitting next to a middle-aged Iranian-American named Keon. “By the time they landed in Denmark, he had fallen in love with her and being that she had already fallen in love with the United States, was able to get her to agree to marry him for one year, the time required to be granted a permanent green card. Much to my joy, she told me she would not be living with him during the year and would be available to date me if I liked… Anna was too independent-minded to become anyone’s mistress, and I wasn’t looking for one, but the relationship we would have was even better; sex and friendship without commitment.”
In 1978 Anne returned to Europe to star in her last, and possibly best porn movie, Heisse Feigen. She also appeared in two German exploitation movies Die munteren Sexspiele der Nachbarn (1978) and Ekstase – Der Prozeß gegen die Satansmädchen (1979). Neither is particularly memorable, and apart from a brief non-sex role as a cheerleader in Ziehm’s next porn movie, Star Virgin (1979), her career in film came to an end.
Despite leaving the porn industry behind though, Anne’s attitude towards ‘free sex’ did not change. According to Ziehm she “was always a willing partner when it came time to check out a new sexual adventure.”

Together they would visit the swing club Plato’s Retreat, which opened a Hollywood branch in 1980. He would later recall one occasion when “Anna and I decided to go up to the balcony where a row of small rooms separated by bed sheets had been set up for couples who wanted to have sex… A couple entered the adjacent room just as Anna and I were finishing having sex, which meant eating her pussy for ten minutes and then pounding her like a jack hammer until I came – she didn’t like prolonged fucking.” They ran into the same couple soon after at the juice bar. “Within minutes, Anna and the guy left to go upstairs to the balcony to have sex in one of its little rooms.”

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Anne’s sexual escapades with Ziehm were not limited to swing clubs. “I asked Anna Magle to join me for a trip up the coast where we could take in some sex shows in San Francisco… She liked sexy adventures and after checking into the classy Fairmont hotel across from Union Square, we headed out to enjoy some of the serious sexual entertainment that Frisco was famous for.”


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[/nextpage][nextpage title=”Anne in America”]One of the places they visited was the Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theater. “Anna enjoyed watching me run my hands over the bodies of several of the sexy strippers… We then shared an Ultra room booth to watch girls eating and doing each other with dildos and finally we went to the Copenhagen room, where we sat on a low cushioned seat that ran along the room’s walls so girls working the small audience could straddle our legs and bend over so they could put their pussy close enough to our noses so that we could smell its sweet perfume.” Ziehm would go on to say, “Anna was a strong feminist and to be egalitarian, I was happy to agree to her request that I accompany her a theatre just a few blocks away on Larkin Street to see a live gay sex show. It was our good luck to find two seats close to the stage that would give her a good view of the action. Unlike most things ‘gay,’ the theatre was on the drab side. Along with about twenty horny homos of various ages, sizes and shapes, we patiently waited for the show to begin. Anna was the only female in the audience.”

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The show consisted of “a scrawny young man, outfitted in a cowboy hat and chaffs” stripping and then jerking off in front of the audience. “The excitement in the audience was palpable. A few more piston-like strokes were all it took before a gush of sperm came shooting out. The sight of the creamy fluid slowly dripped over the back of his clenched fist brought satisfied smiles to all in the room. The dancer’s wan smile reflected how proud he was of his accomplishment. Anna joined the audience to give the young fellow a standing ovation.”


After eventually leaving San Francisco, “we drove down the Big Sur highway on our way back to L.A. Just as we passed the Hearst castle at San Simion she asked: ‘Why don’t we stop and have some sex?’ We were in the middle of nowhere; there were nothing but large fallow fields on each side of the road. I succumbed to her wishes and pulled off the highway onto the first dirt road that I came upon. After bumping along for a few minutes at five miles an hour, we miraculously came upon a wide shallow stream that for some god unknown reason had a table sitting in the middle of it just waiting for someone to fuck on. Anna took off her panties and hopped up on the table and spread her legs so we could indulge in our usual sex routine. It made the day end on a high note and also made me wonder if women weren’t more sex driven than men.”
By 1981 Anne Magle was working as a high-class call girl for the flamboyant Hollywood Madam, Elizabeth Adams, also known as Alex Fleming. According to the L.A. Times, Adams “took the business international, dispatching a bevy of young and beautiful women to Saudi princes and millionaire businessmen, to costly Beverly Hills hotel suites, to Europe, to Bahamas cruises.” Ziehm hints that one of Anne’s clients was none other than the well-known actor and director, Mel Brooks. Adams was eventually arrested in 1988, and displaced by her former assistant Heidi Fleiss who went on to establish a multi-million dollar prostitution ring in Hollywood until she was also arrested in 1993.

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Ziehm admits that by 1988, “What little there was left of my sex life with Anna, ended when [photographer] Suze [Randall] called to ask me if I thought she [Anne] would like to become part of Henry Mudd’s harem.” Henry Mudd was an American heir, businessman and philanthropist, as well as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Cyprus Mines Corporation. According to Ziehm, “Henry had always been a good boy when his father was alive, but once the old man died, he wasted no time in becoming a naughty boy; or more accurately, a naughty old man… He hired seven ladies of various ages – one being over fifty – to be his date for one day of each week. The job paid three thousand dollars a month along with copious benefits. A date consisted of dinner at one of L.A.’s finest restaurants, followed by some time in bed later in the evening. I told Suze I was sure the answer would be yes. Anna quickly became Henry’s Saturday night date. She was aware that her career as a sex worker wouldn’t last forever and had been exploring other venues to make money.”


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Anne Magle had dropped out of high school aged 16, soon after she started appearing in porn loops. Now she appeared to be making up for lost time. During the 1980s she had used the money made as a call-girl to put herself through both Santa Monica College and Cal State Long Beach. In his autobiography, Ziehm claims that Anne’s straight ‘A’ average resulted in her being accepted to UCLA’s Law School – this was the reason she accepted to become Mudd’s “Saturday date”. “Her new position with Henry would mean she could drop the Hollywood madam, who had recently been busted, and concentrate on her studies.”

By 1990 Anne Magle was in her second year at Law School and sharing an apartment with Ziehm in Venice, L.A. “We no longer had sex,” he would later say. “She was totally occupied by her law school studies and – as she put it – diddling Henry Mudd’s flaccid organ each Saturday night in her bedroom.”
Mudd died in 1990 age 77 and Anne Magle’s trail goes cold. Hopefully she finished her degree and went on to have a happy life.


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Aka: Anne von Lindberger, Anne Anderson, Anna Karenya, Ann Forward
Real Name: Anne Maglegaard
Place of Birth: Copenhagen, Denmark
Date of Birth: 1959
Film Career: 1975-1978
Recommended Movies:

  • I løvens tegn (1976)
  • Hot Cookies (1977)
  • I skorpionens Tegn (1977)
  • Kärleksvirveln (1977)
  • Molly (1977)
  • Ta mej i dalen (1977)
  • Heisse Feigen (1978)


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