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Desiree Cousteau • Georgia Girl


Desiree Cousteau was born Desiree Sheer in Savannah, Georgia, in 1956. She grew up in a very conservative Baptist family. “When I turned 17 all of a sudden one day I discovered sex. And that was it. I didn’t do everything at one time. I kind of eased into it. But I did do all those things at a pretty tender age.” In 1974 she graduated from Savannah High School and enrolled in college in Athens, Georgia.


“I was going to college and I needed to bring in some money, so I started doing some nude modelling.” It was around this time that the 17-year old Desiree posed nude for a photo-spread that was later published in the June 1974 edition of Penthouse, under the title ‘Georgia Girl’. Soon after she met a man from California named Jeff, who became her boyfriend and later her husband. She decided to quit college and together they moved to Los Angeles. “I moved to California and got a job as a topless dancer. I loved dancing so much I stopped going to school… My first job as a go-go dancer was at ‘The Classic Cat’ in Hollywood.”


Her husband had no problem with Desiree stripping on stage: “I think it’s really interesting, because they’re all sitting there drooling over her and I take her home every night.”
Her dream, however, was to be a movie star. “I thought one of the studios would take me in and shape me up. Of course it doesn’t work like that anymore, but I believed the old legends… I wore tight sweaters, went to Schwab’s Drugstore [where Lana Turner was first noticed] and had a Coke but I wasn’t discovered.” According to Desiree, “I discovered that you had to do a lot of fucking behind the scenes to get in front of the camera. Everybody’s ‘friend’ wants to meet you and ball you, and they expect you to do that.”

The casting couch eventually led to minor roles in a couple of B’ movie exploitation films such as Caged Heat (1974) and Super Lady (1975), but it was obvious her mainstream career was going nowhere. In late 1975 she posed for a boy-girl photo-spread with a well-endowed black model named Butch Williams. It was eventually published in the December edition of Hustler under the title ‘Butch and Peaches: An Affair to Remember’. The words proved to be prophetic for the magazine’s publisher Larry Flynt. Race lines were rarely crossed in American porn during the mid-1970s. The only notable non-white porn actresses at the time were Vanessa Del Rio and Desiree West, and both were usually cast with black or Hispanic actors. In March 1978, while fighting an obscenity case in Gwinnett, Georgia, Larry Flynt and his lawyer were shot at by a white supremacist sniper named Joseph Paul Franklin. Flynt was left partiallyparalysed with permanent spinal cord damage. According to Franklin, the reason for the attack was his outrage at the photo-spread depicting the young Georgia-born Desiree Cousteau with a black man.


By the late 1970s Desiree had all-but given up on her mainstream acting career. Although still appearing in the occasional nude photo-spread, she primarily supported herself by stripping. “I worked for Alex [De Renzy] at his club called ‘The Playpen’. I was dancing there with three other girls – we put on a live sex show. We did a lesbian thing. Sometimes it was simulated on stage, and sometimes we did the real thing.” It didn’t take long for Alex De Renzy to notice her beautiful figure and full natural breasts, and he proceeded to cast her in an upcoming porn film he was directing called Pretty Peaches (1978).

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Aka: Deborah Clearbranch
Real Name: Deborah A. Sheer
Date of Birth: 15/08/1956
Place of Birth: Georgie, USA
Height: 1,65m/5’5″
Film Career: 1978-1980
Recommended Movies:

Pretty Peaches (1978)
Hot Lunch (1978)
800 Fantasy Lane (1979)
Deep Rub (1979)
The Ecstasy Girls (1979)
Hot Rackets (1979)
Ms Magnificent (1979)
Pizza Girls (1979)
Summer Heat (1979)
Inside Desiree Cousteau (1979)


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