Emily is best example of beautiful ukrainian women. Perfect figure and huge breasts. She is like old slavic goddess of ferility. This beautiful girl born 1st June 1993 in the capital city of Ukraine in Kiev. She was clever girl from young age. On the elementary school she was recognised as artistic talent. She is multi-talented girl who can be great actress and singer. She loves painting and classical arts.

Emily Bloom is very artistic person. She can be supermodel but she try different way. Every good artist is anarchist and what is better to rise the fame than erotica than classical modeling try it different way. Emily rise as star in the erotic modeling where she has hardly competition. In the erotic modeling is on the same level as Miranda Kerr. She is currently most famous solo erotic models on the Internet.

She is so creative and experimental. She even try b/g nude fashion modeling. It is not do classic hardcore pornography but try very sexual art on the edge of softcore and hardcore. They try even creativly include marketing potential of this shoot. Because this is solution how to promote fashion through the erotica. They make beautiful showcase of the streetwear fashion. This set is masterpiece of the Emily Bloom artistic creation. She posing as supermodel. We hope for more this art.

EmilyAndMikeStreetwear-980x553In the interview for Yonitale channel she expres intresting thoughs about relationships. She say about magic between man and woman. She expres desire be innerly shy because he wants strong man by her side. I see there some similarities with Anastasia from the book 50 Shades of Gray. Both girls know best partner for relationship is american billionare with look of supermodel. Clever girls deserves best because they are best. Especially such as beautiful as Emily.

Everybody must admire artistic heart of the Emily. You can see her aspiration on the future famous actress. This girl little bit recalled me Hedy Lamarr. She was silent star. First Hollywod star who going naked in the mainstream movie. She made great Hollywood career and was casted to the best Hollywood movies. One intresting thing is she in 1941 invited technology on which are based all current cellphones. Naked girl from czech erotic movie change the world. Emily can go in her steps and be superstar.

Only thing what she need is acting debut. We have idea for her. We would like to make some full feature movie depicting of living of old Slavs. She would be perfect young queen of old Slavic tribe. She can participate on the great story connected with ukrainian cultural heritage. If she like XCZECH would be very happy to create great movies with her.

Currently Emily started own pages who are very artistic. Specialized on the photogragy and contains absolutly gorgeous ukrainian model. Absolutly naked. Her site is heavens creation of beauty on the Earth. You can see real angels on the extraordinary designed web page. Don´t hasitate to buy her membership. Its worth every penny because on the Ukraine are most beautiful women on the Earth. You can see nudity in the pure artistic creation. Visit theemilyboom.com and you will not regret anything.


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