Editorial • January 2021


Dear friends,

We would like to thank you for visiting our site and wish everything best in the year 2021. We are truly happy for each person who likes beautiful women and our content. We are a community that loves to make erotic art and your support means lots to us. We want to express high gratitude to everybody who subscribes to our magazine and supporting our goal to make more creative erotica. 

We want to give you a feel you are even part of our community too. It is a reason why we choose to write and communicate with you much more. You can expect blogging much frequently. We would like to inform you what we are doing. How we are spending your money, what we are preparing, and what updates you can expect in the next weeks.

This year 2021 we want to start to do the magazine more professionally and start adding even more sister sites of XCZECH.com. The first site that you can expect soon is the new sex comedy site – Tittyholes.com. We are late in doing it but we can promise the site will be online 24. January. We finally gets a new membership system (previous sometimes cause several technical issues) and we get new streams. This puts the quality of the site higher.

Last year we are banned from Vimeo due to erotic content and were searching for another solution. Finally, we find the best solution in the Cloudflare Streams who are very fast and reliable. You can stream up to 1080p very fast all over the world. On the desktop or mobile phone. We are trying to make the site more mobile phone friendly. You can try new streams in several parts of the site and by the end of the month, we hope the whole site will be covered.

We have enough updates for you and we will now try to give you at least fresh 2 video updates per week. We will even put all updates to the series/issues soon for better navigation. XCZECH.com is going better and better. You can expect many new things very soon.

Due to the Covid situation, we will start shooting again in February. We have many interesting themes and the best Czech erotic models. We are well connected with the Czech adult industry community and there is no problem finding many amazing models. We are just limited by the budget because the whole monthly budget of the XCZECH.com site is just 500 USD. But even for this money, we can make great things for you. I think it is possible just in the Czech Republic.

In the first quarter of 2021, we founding a new company that will run XCZECH.com and new sites. We believe it helps for more professionality of all and mainly helps to get new sites. We are planing lots! From softcore to hardcore. Different niches. More info you can expect in February after starts the new Tittyholes.com site.

Thank you again for your support and we wish you the best in 2021 what will be a definitively perfect year.

Jan Dudek and XCZECH.com team


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