Russia is biggest country in the world. Some people think they are great because they have Vladimir Putin or have great army. I think greatest think on the Russia are women. They are without doubre one of the most beautiful on the world. Look on the russian version of the Playboy. It is far better then US. Russian girls are without doubt absolutly gorgeous.

One of the most profilic and most beautiful russian nude models is Karina Avakyan. You maybe not know her but she is shooting very frequently with every famous russian photographer. In the russian modeling world is well known model. She is REALLY good. Karina is now 25 years old with absolutly beautiful body and look of the reincarnation of the goddess Aphrodite. You can watch her profile, twitter profile and Instagram profile. She is making really good work.

There is not much know about her. She is coming from the Moscow. She likes Vladimir Putin. Only 167 cm high and with beautiful breasts.

Enjoy her photos!


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