Kiki Yonitale is smart nude model from Ukraine. She is founding model of the exclusive erotic web site named First website dedicated to lovers of the authentic pleasures and fantasies. In the ancient indian language – sanskrit – the word yoni translated in english mean female genital or the sex of the women. Also can be interpeted as the origin of everything and the first energy from where we all come. That´s why inspired by this concept. She express that the pure and simple pleasure is the most wonderful human gift that make people happy, like a good thing that can remove all kind of negativity.

Moreover, consider that the adult industry, treat badly at womens. Their pleasure is never taken into account, being “pieces of meat” for mans with a huge penis, and the screams is so unreal, it says, forced generally to obtain a successful movie. She thinks that all of this will finish soon because we are already at the new age, where the world talk about ecology, saving the planet, stopping wars, reducing inequality, etc. The time will come for Ethical Porn, where the industry will think about the natural pleasure of girls, like

Kiki Yonitale loves dance, music, play piano, visit museums, operas, theaters and draw. In terms of sexuality she is very openminded. She studied biochemistry and screenwriting. Now, living in Europe, she´s finishing the diploma of business and economy. Kiki is an excellent poet also. She published 3 books with poems in the Ukraine. She has an intresting character with tendence to intellectualize theirs fellings and expectations, trying to apply her energies in very diverse way. Kiki Yonitale is intelligent, elegant, talentous and very fashion women.

Her favourite art is the photography, even the naked body and the beauty of the female nudity. She is very fluent in english and speaks russian as mother tongue. She has green eyes and brown hair. Height 168 cm. Weight 45 kg. Medium and natural breast size, and measurements 86-55-84. At the moment she is working exclusivly for the team. They are studyng a female orgasm using an orgasm scale that can validate female orgasm and its results are based on researches of sexologysts who cooperate with them.


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