Little Caprice is famous european erotica model from Brno, Czech Republic. Elegant, polite and friendly. Lover of nature and animals. Her real name is Markéta Štroblová and born 26th October 1988. Have brother and twin sister Lucy. She is educated nutrition specialist. She has knowledges of nutrition and worked in the food and hospitality industry (besides erotica). In 2011 she was admitted to a hospital for renal failure due to deterioration in her kidneys in 2011 but fully recovered.

Little Caprice is most famous czech pornstar in the history. She is without doubt legend. Every month more the 400 000 people search her name on thr Google and have 100 000 fans on Facebook. She had very harsh beginnings and made few trash porn flicks. She quit porn biz for while and she return as exclusive X-art model where she made career. She performed a lot with her austrian boyfriend who is pole-dancing champion Marcello. During her porn career help earned milions of dollars. For is expectional because she is personal friend of our models Lady Strange and Nici Dee. We hope we can make video interview with her in the future.

Little Caprice is most renowned by cooperation with US erotic site where she was main model for few years. Now she quit hardcore erotica and focus only on softcore erotica. You can watch her official personal site on Little where she blogging, selling t-shirts and speaking with fans.


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