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After our last profile article we have for you exclusive interview of famous czech porn star Lucy Lee. Come to read more about famous porn queen of the 2000s.

How did you get into porn?
Like many girls in porn…I was 18, just finished school in a small town where I lived my whole life and needed money…so I started posing nude for an agency. First it was just softcore, later hardcore. One of my first videos was with Woodman. DDF was also among my initial porn work.

How was it shooting your first scene in porn?
I don’t remember very well, but it was for some Czech producer…my first partners were young white guys, all Czech. I was kind of nervous, but I enjoyed it too.

Why did you stop? Will you ever come back?
I was in porn for 7 years and I tried everything and fulfilled my sexual fantasies. I don’t think I will go back.

Today I do only erotic work like posing naked or at the most mastrurbation. My last movie was Lesbian Prison for Dorcel. I like erotica now, which is art, showing the beauty of the naked female body.

When did you lose your virginity? What kind of a girl were you growing up?
I was 14 when I lost my virginity to my boyfriend. I grew up in a small town and was really shy. When I started to work in porn, I shifted to Prague. Before porn, I did not even have a lot of sexual experience, it was with just a few guys. Anal was the wildest thing I did before entering porn.

Did you experiment with girls before porn?
No, but I have tried girls in porn. Porn has made me more active in sex, more free and open-minded.



Are you recognized in public? If so, do you like it?
Sometimes it does happen. And I like it :-). The people who recognize me come up to me and say “You are porn girl?”. I tell them I was, but now I am model.

So are you happy with your career in porn?
I had fun, for me porn was not just money but more like a fantasy…you get paid to have sex. You get to do stuff that you cannot do in real life.

Seems like you have done a lot of DP and anal scenes? Do you like it or was it just that you got offered a lot of those kinds of scenes.
I was offered and then one scene leads to another. And I kept accepting the offers.

Did you get to travel a lot because of your porn work?
Yes, I have shot in Budapest, Paris, Prague, the U.S. and erotic stuff in Denmark, Spain and Germany. Most of my work was in Europe and for European productions.

What do you think of the male actors in the porn industry? Any favorites?
I loved working with black guys. It’s hard to pinpoint any one scene or actor as my favorite. But among my most enjoyable scenes were for Gangland Cream Pie 8, Black Pipe Layers 4…very good sex and funny guys. Tournante 2 and Six Pack were also good because I liked group sex scenes.

You have also worked with Lex Steele, he is really big. How was it working with him?
Yes he has a big dick and it was fun, but not the best….Justin Slayer and his guys or the Gangland guys were best. We had some crazy scenes.

You have also worked with Rocco. How was the experience?
Yes it was for Rocco Live in Prague. Rocco is very nice and big…good sex…and Brandon Iron, Nacho Vidal and Manuel Ferrara in other scenes.

But in porn i liked doing scenes with guys not so famous as Rocco, Nacho and Lex. I liked the regular guys like the Gangland and Black Pipe Layers guys. They were big too but not so popular.

What’s your favorite sex position?
I love doggy.

Do you do anal in private life even now?
Yes, I love it. But no more DPs and gangbangs, I did that a lot in porn.

How many men have you slept with in porn and outside porn? What about older guys?
I don’t know the exact count, but so many :-). And I am not into old guys, like some girls. In porn I liked black guys and did many IR scenes…where I live there are few black guys, so it was kind of exotic for me.

Any sexual fantasy that you still have?
A big gangbang in the outdoors with many guys or a gangbang with young black boys…but just fantasies, no more porn.

Would you say you have a high sex drive or a normal sex drive?
Yes, its high but not as high as some years ago. But I get excited very easily.

What kind of man do you like? What are your turn-ons and turn-offs?
I am not picky with guys…this is funny but sometimes I am attracted to ugly guys and I don’t know why, but for a favorite kind of guy..black guys. I love them, but not just because of their dick size. I don’t know why but black guys smell different, stronger..some girls don’t like it but their body smell excites me.


My turn-ons are dirty talk and I have a really funny fetish..I like smelling underwear.
My turn-offs..I hate sex with condoms and I hate cum in hair.

What is your ideal penis size?
I don’t care about exact measurements, but I like big dicks, yes. But at the same time I know dick size is not the most important thing, if guys know how to use it.

Where do you prefer the guy to come?
I like guys to come in my ass. Pussy is risky and in face is a mess. I sometimes do swallow but not much.

Tell us about your best sex experience. Was it on the set or in your private life?
On set…with guys my gangbang scene in Gangland Cream Pie 8 with 3 black guys from Brazil…I don’t remember names but they had very big dicks and sex was very good, I had real orgasm in scene. And plot was funny because in scene I was the Christmas gift for the guys. With girls my scene in Lesbian Prison with beautiful girls like Claudia Rossi, Eufrat and others, making love in the womans prison shower room.

Do you like people from the porn industry? Any bad experiences? Any friends?
In general I had good experience with porn people, but I keep it separate from my private life.

What is your view on the porn industry today?
I am not in porn since 2009, but one reason why I stopped doing porn and became erotic model is the risk of STDs…..porn people in general are clean and know how to take care of body, but there is always risk of infection for actors and girls.

I was lucky that the only thing I ever got was pubic lice, which is not serious. It’s normal if you don’t shave your pussy bald and have many sex partners, not all clean. It gets very cold here so in winter I keep my bush.


What does your family think about your career?
They know I am a model now and my parents are always asking me when am I getting married since now I am 30 years old.

What would you say to girls today who want to enter porn?
Have fun, but take care of your bodies…wash very well before and after scenes, take medical tests.

What about your boyfriends? Did they support you or try to stop you?
They knew I did porn and for some of them it was a turn-on. It was like “Yea, I am fucking a pornstar.” But right now I am single.

What are your future plans?
I just want to study, travel and work. Marriage and kids…maybe in future but not right now. I am still young. Right now I am going to arts school and I learn French. My English, I picked up because of living in Prague and my porn work. And knowing English and French helps me in my modelling work because not many people know Czech.

What is Lucy Lee like off-camera?
I like travel, shopping, art, fashion…I go to bar or cafe in Prague and have beer or wine with friends.

Thank you for the interview Lucy!


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