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Marilyn Jess • Real Marilyn


exciting-15-marilyn-jess-011Marilyn Jess was born Dominique Troyes, in the region of Île-de-France, also known as the Paris Region, on 26 October 1959. She was to become the quintessential French porn star of the early 1980s, and along with Brigitte Lahaie, synonymous with the country’s Golden Age of adult cinema.
She began her pornographic adventure in 1978. The 18-year old Marilyn had been on a summer holiday to Greece with her first boyfriend, Didier Humbert. He had taken some nude photos of her and on their return to Paris she went to get the film developed.

“I had taken some nude photos while on holiday in Greece, and when I went to the lab to collect them, a photographer spotted them and asked me if I would like to pose for a lingerie shoot that very same day. I said yes. One week later, he called me again and asked me to pose for some glamour shots, but this time, without the lingerie. This was followed by further glamour shoots, and soon I was asked if I was willing to pose for hardcore photos.

Everything happened very quickly after that. The word soon spread that there was a new girl on the market. I then shot my first film using the pseudonym Marilyn Wild.”

Although her first porn movie to be released was Cuissardes in July 1978, the first one the 18 year-old Marilyn actually shot was Collegiennes a tout faire (eventually released in October 1978). The story of Collegiennes was simple: Marilyn’s parents catch her having sex in the backseat of a car with her boyfriend, played by Didier Humbert.

Deciding that their wayward daughter needs some structure and discipline in her life, they send her to a private institution, where she meets two other schoolgirls, played by Mika Bathel and Celine Gallone.

Soon the girls are having sex not only with each other, but also with the gardener and members of staff, before everyone gets together in the dorm for the obligatory mass orgy. If it was not for Marilyn’s presence, the movie would be instantly forgettable. Nevertheless, it set the scene for future films, and over the next couple of years she would reprise the schoolgirl role numerous times. Like Danish porn star Anne Magle, Marilyn was one of the few women in the adult industry to believably portray teenage girls, regardless of her real age.

Marilyn used the surname ‘Wild’ for the next few films, before eventually changing it to Marilyn Jess in early 1979. “In the USA, a porn actress already had this name, so I changed ‘Wild’ to ‘Jess’. ‘Jess’ was the name of a clothes shop where I bought all my stuff.”

Marilyn would later say, “Marilyn Jess is my pseudonym. My real name is Dominique Trouyes. Platinette is my nickname. Marilyn Jess and Platinette are two different people. Platinette is my nickname at home. It’s used by my boyfriend and my friends. Marilyn Jess is my stage name.” She did, however, use the name ‘Platinette’ for a number of photo shoots.

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Aka: Christene Muller, Marilyn Wild, Platinette
Real Name: Dominique Troyes
Place of Birth: Île-de-France, France
Date of Birth: 26/10/1959
Film Career: 1978-1987
Height: 1,68m / 5’6”
Recommended Movies:

  • Charlotte mouille ta culotte (1981)
  • Chaudes Adolescentes (1981)
  • Dans la chaleur de Saint-Tropez (1981)
  • La Femme objet (1980)
  • Initiation d’une jeune marquise (1987)
  • Journal intime d’une jeune fille en chaleur (1981)
  • Pensionnat de jeunes filles (1980)
  • Petites filles au bordel (1980)
  • Sens interdits (1985)
  • Vacances à Ibiza (1982)


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