Monika May • Exclusive Interview

How would you define yourself in few words?

Little revolutionary)))

Could you describe a bit your professional model profile?

Weight -42 kg, Height – 154cm, Measurements – 82-58-82

Cup- 75B, Foot size- 35, Size-xxs, Hair – brown, Eyes- hazel

Why do you decide to be an erotic art model; When do you start this job and What does your Family & Friends think about your career?

Since childhood, I have loved eroticism and have a passion for photography. Various signs of fate appeared, showing me my path. It seems to me that this choice was made instead of me. I just follow my heart. I do not have friends. My parents never supported me in anything. We have a different worldview.

Which are the advantages and disadvantages of working as nude art erotic model nowadays?

I just do what my soul likes. I see no flaws in my work.

Which was your best professional experience? Had you any bad also?

I think my best experience is yet to come. I like the days of shooting, at this time I am as happy as possible. Some photographers behave incorrectly or have a difficult character, but I would not call it a bad experience. On the contrary, it helps to better adapt to different situations.

What mean for you the erotism? Consider you that´s an art, pleasure of life, human natural tendency, healthy, taboo, etc?

I believe that the human body is an art. Erotica for me is a special energy, state of mind, sensuality, self-love. You can be naked, but not erotic. Therefore, being naked and being erotic are different things.

I would say that at this moment you bare your soul.

It attracts you to be Famous around the World? 

Of course, I would like that) I always liked to stand out.

Which would be your motto?

Never give up. Trust the universe. Do not be afraid of anything. Love and belief in yourself. listen to your inner voice

What´s your best place to work as a photomodel?

Rooftop overlooking the city. The mountains. Canyon. In the most beautiful corners of nature.

Have you some spiritual Beliefs?

I adhere to the theory of pantheism. I believe in the power of thought, desire. I believe in the energy that surrounds us and emanates from each person. 

What´s your Official Website? 

IG @model_monika_may

Twitter @Monika_Maymodel

How many languages do you speak?

Ukrainian, Russian, try to learn English.

Have you some goals for the future?

Websites, photo books, covers, calendars, exhibitions, advertising. I want everything and a lot)) Perhaps I’ll try myself in porn. I have an interest in social activities.

To conclude, I thank you so much for this nice and interesting interview for Xczech Magazine and desire you all the best wishes?

Thank you Alejandro for the interview and your interest and attention to me. I want to wish everyone to always be in harmony with themselves. Love and be kind to yourself, to the world, to nature.