XCZECH MAGAZINE Nesty • Exclusive Interview

Nesty • Exclusive Interview


It´s an honor to interview the famous NESTY model and thanks her very much for this brief, professional and friendly dialogue.

How would you define yourself personally and professionally?

I’m very bubbly, always smiling and happy in my personal life and its the same in my movies as you can see, my personality doesn’t change when the camera is rolling.

Your stage name is Nesty, so Why do you choose this special name?

Because I drank this ice tea called Nestea all the time on set so one production company gave me the name on set one day.

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Did you receive recently an award for best European actress? Could you tell us a bit of your emotion about it?

What can I say, of course I’m very happy!

Would you describe a bit your actual model parameter?( Place of Birth, Age, Eye color, Hair color, Weight, Height, Cup and Measurements)!

I was born in Hungary, I’m 32 years old, blue eyes, blonde, 44 kg, 153 cm, 75 B, 82cm – 64 cm – 86 cm.

When you have a few minutes break during or behind the scenes, what do you spend that time doing?

I’m always on my phone, answering fans, taking photos for twitter, etc.

You are like a tribute to Hungarian sexy beauty.Even your look.Which would be for you the psychological sensual secret of the Hungarian women generally?

I don’t know, I guess we’re just lucky to be blessed with good genes.

Why do you decide to be an erotic model and when do you start this job?

I’m an exhibitionist and really love to be photographed naked, it turns me on so this the perfect dream job for me. I started in 2005.

What do your family and friends think about your erotic model career?

They accept it the same as if I was doing any other “normal” job.

Which are for you the advantages and disadvantages to working as nude art erotic model nowaday?

I enjoy all the naughty fun we have on set and love to travel, plus  I have a lot of free time. For me they’re no disadvantages, I love to be an erotic model.

Which was your best professional experience?

When I was shooting for Private in the Caribbean islands. Great memories.

Had you any bad experience also?

I had some bad experiences but I’d rather not talk about this.

What means for you the erotica? Consider you that´s an art, pleasure of life, human natural tendency, healthy, taboo, etc?

I consider softcore nude art photos erotic, artistic and nice, but I prefer porn movies dirty and nasty that really makes people horny.

What counsel would you give for others girls to start to do nude or erotic shootings nowadays?

I wouldn’t recommend starting now because the business is not where it used to be 10 years ago. For me, it’s good because I already built up my name and brand, but to start new now… I think it would be hard to succeed.

What´s your opinion about the soft erotica actually?

I like nude art modeling but I find shooting porn more fun. I’m a naughty girl.

Which was your biggest success in your life?

To become successful and famous in the erotic business. I’m proud of the awards I won.

What are your favorites hobbies?

Playing with computer games. Also, love to cook and bake.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Hanging out with friends, going to the cinema, sometimes partying.

Which would be your greatest strength and weakness of life?

When I have a goal I’m very determined to work hard and never quit until I reach it. My weakness is I’m often late, unfortunately.  (Like with this interview… lol)

How many languages do you speak or know?

A little bit of German, English, French and Hungarian of course.

Have you some spiritual Beliefs?

I believe in destiny and that there are no coincidences.

Have you some plan or projects for the future?

Soon I’ll start the course to get my driving license. And later I’d like to open a massage salon.


Would you like to thank a very special friend in this interview

Yes, of course! I like to thank my friend Cayenne Klein for translating.

Did you ever think about retiring from your Profession?

No, I still wanna make a lot of movies.

To conclude; I thank you so much for this nice and interesting interview for Xczech Magazine and I desire you all the best wishes

Thank you, Alejandro and to XCZECH MAGAZINE for this nice interview opportunity!

Alejandro Di Noto
Alejandro Di Noto is Magazine Writer, Journalist Interviewer and Editor from Argentina. He is Lawyer and Master in Innovation Engineering, Polyglot, Radio producer, Expert in Metaphysics, Parapsychology, Ufology, Marketing-Industrial Innovation with Beachwear, postgraduate University course trainee in Italy. Contact Email: alexander.alejandro@yahoo.com.ar


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