XCZECH INTERVIEWRobert Graham • Exclusive Interview

Robert Graham • Exclusive Interview


It´s a pleasure for Xczech Magazine to interview the famous Photographer and Producer ROBERT GRAHAM and thank him very much for this friendly dialogue.

How would you define yourself personally and professionally?
Just a simple photographer with a passion for photography and the aim of beauty.

Could you tell us a brief introduction about your photographic style?
When I photograph, I always think I am in the place of the one who looks at my set and I don’t want to bore him. I like a variety of poses, of perspective, of point of view, to give him the feeling to be part of the frame.

Why do you decide to be a Photographer and when do you start this job?
I started with portraits, then fashion, nude, to get finally to the erotic and be published on the most important erotic websites, so it was an escalation made up of different and varied experiences.

How did you achieve a soon leadership position as an innovative METART Photographer?
I wish it’s leadership, but it’s not yet. My goal is to be in the group of top Metart photographers. I’m working hard for it.

Where are you from and in what country do you work now?
I’m from Europe but I was spending my last period in Asia, to scout and shoot fresh Asian girls. As soon as the pandemic is over I hope to go there again and continue my Work.

What do you like to show in your photos and what means a good picture for you?
I am shooting beauty. As far as I can frame it in my photo, it’s a good photo for me.

When you select a model to shoot, which talent parameter takes you into account?
Some girls have a natural talent for posing and I just need to know what is the best way to show them to the public. Some other girls are simply beautiful and I have to teach them how to pose in the best way to show their beauty to the public. The most important requirement is to be natural and fresh beauty. Unfortunately, girls ruin themselves with plastic surgery or tattoos and destroy their natural charm.

Which are for you the advantages and disadvantages of working as nude art erotic photographer nowadays?
It’s easy to say that the best advantage is to meet the most beautiful and sexy girls on the planet. But sometimes you meet girls who think they are a goddess and don’t let you do your Work as a photographer, they think they are much better than you. So the disadvantage is to meet arrogant people too.

Which was your best professional experience and biggest success in your life?
My best is still in my mind and I hope to realize it soon. Till now, to be selected as a MetArt photographer is a big success for me.

What means for you nude art photography in a few words?
I just think that woman’s body is the most perfect, harmonious, and elegant thing on Earth. Every woman should be open to showing her body as the most natural thing in the world. This style of photography is very difficult but it allows you to pay homage to the most beautiful thing we have: the woman.

What counsel would you give to the girls that think to start to do nude or erotic shootings nowadays?
To Work with me at first☺ Many girls start with bad photographers or bad people and only get bad experiences. Starting at a high level with a professional photographer means starting in the best possible way.

What´s your opinion about nude art and erotica photography?
I think “erotic” photography has probably lost its part of “eroticism”. it has become too explicit while eroticism is based more on the idea, on the dream, on the fantasy behind the image. Erotic photography should return to stimulate sensuality by making the viewer dream, while today it is so explicit that it does not give space to the imagination.

What´s your official website?
I don’t yet have it, I am using Twitter to publish my Work https://twitter.com/robertgrahamxxx

Have you some plans or projects for the future?
I have many, I never stop dreaming. To lead a big erotic production with the best models, for the best magazines is surely my biggest dream.

To conclude; I thank you so much for this nice and interesting interview for Xczech Magazine and I desire you all the best wishes?
Thank you Alejandro for this opportunity.

Alejandro Di Noto
Alejandro Di Noto
Alejandro Di Noto is Magazine Writer, Journalist Interviewer and Editor from Argentina. He is Lawyer and Master in Innovation Engineering, Polyglot, Radio producer, Expert in Metaphysics, Parapsychology, Ufology, Marketing-Industrial Innovation with Beachwear, postgraduate University course trainee in Italy. Contact Email: alexander.alejandro@yahoo.com.ar


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