XCZECH INTERVIEWSandrita Šulová • Exclusive Interview

Sandrita Šulová • Exclusive Interview


It´s a pleasure to interview the famous businesswoman SANDRA SULOVA owner & founder of Empatic Models Agency and thank her very much for this friendly dialogue.

How would you define yourself personally and professionally as businesswoman?
Emotional but strong, ambitious and confident

Could you tell us a brief introduction about your Model Agency company profile?
We provide beautiful photo models and erotic models throughout the Czech Republic and abroad for photoshooting and video shooting. We organize events, photo workshops, for our models and give them the opportunity to assert themselves.

Why do you decide to found a model agency and when do you start this job?
Everything started gradually by a few girls looking for a job where they would not have to work so much and get a lot of money …. 😀

I know that you work with JAN DUDEK XCZECH MAGAZINE CEO. So, what mean for you Stay in touch with Him?
He is a close friend, a great inspiration, and an important person who helps me grow. Thanks to him I have a positive mind every day. 🙂

Where is the model agency located and in How many countries operate?
Brno is the main site. We cooperate with people from Russia, Ukraine, Europe, and the USA.

Which is the main goal and mission of your model Agency?
I would like to create a new look in the adult industry. Show people and point out, that women have a high value and price, they are strong and valuable even if they work in the erotic sphere.

What special or distinctive service offers your Company at the models?
We offer our beautiful models, we organize events and workshops with photographers and models abroad every year, we travel to make castings all over Europe and we are able to prepare all necessities to make and produce erotic video shooting.

When you select a model profile, which talent parameters take you into account?
The character and positive personality are important to us.

Could you describe a bit the agency models the atmosphere team?
We are a great team and really good friends.

What can you tell us about your exclusives models events?
We the only adult agency in the Czech Republic, we organize workshops and exclusive events with our models several times a year (by the sea, on a ranch with horses, in a villa with a swimming pool, in luxury clubs, …). Good and friendly relationships with models and our agency team are really important to us.

Which was your best professional experience?
The best work experience I live right now 🙂

Which is your official website?
For photographers/productions – empatic.cz and for models – empaticm.cz.

How many languages do you speak or know?

Have your projects for the future?
I would like to show people who are Empatic Models. Give them an opportunity. Show them a new point of eroticism. Spread love, sexism, passion, and intimacy.

To conclude; I thank you very much for this nice interview for Xczech Magazine and I desire you all the Best Wishes?
Thank you, Alejandro and Best regards for readers.

Alejandro Di Noto
Alejandro Di Noto
Alejandro Di Noto is Magazine Writer, Journalist Interviewer and Editor from Argentina. He is Lawyer and Master in Innovation Engineering, Polyglot, Radio producer, Expert in Metaphysics, Parapsychology, Ufology, Marketing-Industrial Innovation with Beachwear, postgraduate University course trainee in Italy. Contact Email: alexander.alejandro@yahoo.com.ar


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