Shooting Weekend • May 2022

Hello, we are starting regular blog for sharing all info. We done new design of and working on the new sites. is nearly functional just we waiting for the approving from Epoch Payment Gate. We are still working on the and it will be functional in several days. We hope next week.

We are planning shooting weekend from Thursday to the Sunday. There a lots of beautiful girls for you.

Thursday 5.5.2022

We will be shooting with Petra Red and Andreika. Petra Red was not shooting for the long time and now starting again. Andreika is our new amazing model.

Petra Red


Friday 6.5.2022

In Friday we are shooting amazing Ukraininan girl Georgia in the Prague

Saturday 6.5.2022

In the Saturday we have shooting with our favorite Bella Angel and new polish model Sabrina Sweet

Sunday 8.7.2022

In Sunday we have in the Ostrava amazing Nicol