XCZECH INTERVIEWShrima Malati • Exclusive Interview

Shrima Malati • Exclusive Interview


It´s a pleasure for Xczech Magazine to interview the famous Ukrainian model artist SHRIMA MALATI and thank her very much for this friendly dialogue.

How would you define yourself in a few words?
Beautiful, amazing, cute

Could you describe a bit your professional model profile?
HEIGHT: 1.62 M

Why do you decide to be a NUDE ART model; When do you start this job and What does your Family & Friends think about your career?
I started because some of my clothe friends became models, I started in 2013. My family supports me if I’m happy with my deals. But of course, it was strange for them at the beginning.

I know that you love Literature, Poems, and Lyrics. In what sense?
Yes, I love it, especially Russian poetry and writers, for me it is a beautiful way to see the world through great artists view, to try to feel how they feel, to touch a part of their sensations.

Could you tell us a bit about your great and innovative NATURAL SLIM BODY MODEL STYLE?
Thank you. I love sport, running, yoga, all this is the best way to keep my body in good shape.

Music is your passion. Would you like to be a Singer in advance?
Yes, it is, no haha. It was just one of my ideas to record my songs for pleasure, not in a professional way, but! If you want you can find “Malati” on iTunes and Spotify and have a nice time haha.

Which are for you the advantages and disadvantages to work as a nude erotic art model nowaday?
Big plus it is meetings with good honest kind persons and to have a real pleasure to work with them. Another side is that at the same time you meet people who are doing this only for money, so that is the main disadvantage for me.

Which was your best professional experience? Had you any bad experience also?
I have a lot of good experience, best it is if the team is with a warm friendly atmosphere and a good sense of humor. Bad when people do not have a passion to make this job. Sometimes it happens, unfortunately.

What´s your best place to pose?
Comfortable bed.

How do you find it BELLY DANCING?
I think it’s beautiful.

What´s your official website? How can readers contact you?
ShrimaMalati.xxx or Onlyfans.com/ShrimaMalati

How many languages do you speak?
3, Russian, Ukrainian, English.

Have you some spiritual Beliefs?
Yes, I’m a Christian.

Have you some plans or projects for the future?
I started to love the idea of creating art beautiful videos for youtube.

To conclude; I thank you so much for this nice and interesting interview for Xczech Magazine and desire you all the best wishes?
It’s pleasure for me Alejandro answer zour the interview questions, greetings.

Alejandro Di Noto
Alejandro Di Noto
Alejandro Di Noto is Magazine Writer, Journalist Interviewer and Editor from Argentina. He is Lawyer and Master in Innovation Engineering, Polyglot, Radio producer, Expert in Metaphysics, Parapsychology, Ufology, Marketing-Industrial Innovation with Beachwear, postgraduate University course trainee in Italy. Contact Email: alexander.alejandro@yahoo.com.ar


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