XCZECH MAGAZINE Stella Cardo • Exclusive Interview

Stella Cardo • Exclusive Interview


It´s a pleasure for XCZECH Magazine to interview the famous Ukrainian Model STELLA CARDO and thank her very much for this friendly dialogue.

How would you define yourself in a few words?

I’m a cam model and a new porn actress. I think that I’m a friendly and open-minded girl with big plans for the future. Also, I love to travel a lot and always learn something new.


Could you describe a bit your professional model profile?

Eye color – Grey
Hair color – Dark blond
Weight – 53 kg
Height – 171 cm
Cup – D
Measurements – 92/64/86

Why do you decide to be an erotic model and when do you start this job?

I started to do a webcam 2 years ago in February. We always liked to try something new in sex with my boyfriend and it was a kind of experiment. We started to do a couple of shows, it was interesting for me to share our love with lots of other people all over the world and we were successful in it. Two years I was working only as a webcam model and this summer I decided also to try professional shooting and also liked it.


What do your family and friends think about your erotic model career?

At the beginning of my career, I didn’t tell my friends about my work, but when I decided that I like this and gonna continue to work in this sphere I shared this with my close friends and most of them are proud of me now.

I read that you have studied for several years in a Music School. So. What can you tell us about it?

Yes, in my childhood I was studied in a Music School for more than 10 years. I started to play the piano when I was 5 years and mostly studied this all the time, but I also tried some guitar play and drums and even was dreaming to make my music band. I had lots of experience during this time and lots of nice people near me. took part in different competitions and concerts and even go abroad once.


I know that you are a Ukrainian model. So, which would be for you the stereotypes of the Ukrainian women?

I think Ukranian women also as Russian are very beautiful, but at the same time, most of them are very shy and closed. But I’m happy that now it becomes easier for Ukranian women to do what they want.

Which are for you the advantages and disadvantages of working as a nude art erotic model nowaday? 

I think the main advantage for a girl working in this sphere is that she starts to like herself more and gets rid of many complexes. About the disadvantages, I could say that maybe it could be difficult to find a good boyfriend who will understand and accept this work. But as for me, I have a lover with whom I started this and who supports me now and even helps me in my work.

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Which was your best professional experience? Had you any bad experience also?

I think my best professional experience was working with SexArt production – I loved a lot the movie and photos that were released – everything was made professionally. And at the same time, we had a really good time during the shooting day, there was a very friendly atmosphere. I think I almost didn’t have bad experience except for one time at the beginning of my professional shootings: we were shooting a scene in the night club and it was not so comfortable for me because there was not so clean, but producer was so professional that these scenes were released also very beautiful and we also had so good relations and made after a lot of other scenes even more beautiful.

What is for you the erotism? Consider you that´s an art, pleasure of life, human natural tendency, healthy, taboo, etc?

As I don’t shoot in hardcore scenes for me erotism is a combination of art and human natural tendency. Everybody needs this and not everybody has a partner always, and I think it’s nice if this work where I can try something new and learn more about myself, make myself better can also help other people to become happier 🙂

It attracts you to be famous and popular?

Yes, I think I like this, and that’s why I decided to continue my webcam work in professional shootings. Of course, as in any other sphere sometimes I face with some crazy fans, who don’t understand that I also need to have my personal life and start to write and call all the time in social websites, but it’s not a big problem as I can always block too many annoying people.

What´s your official website?


What´s your best place for photoshooting?

I’d like to shoot some nice photos on the beach or in the sea on some boat.



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What are your favorites hobbies?

I like to dance a lot: I practiced pole dancing 1.5 years, unfortunately, can’t continue now because a travel a lot, but I also love this

How many languages do you speak?

I speak only English and Russian, know few words in German and Spanish, maybe one day I’ll continue to learn more.

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Have you some spiritual Beliefs? 

I believe that everyone has their destiny but we also can affect this with our wishes and hard work

Have you planned projects for the future?

My life is changing so fast that I stopped to plan something one year ago. Of course, I’m still planning to create a family and born children but even can’t imagine when it will be as I just started my professional career. Also right now I’m opened for different projects, it’s interesting for me to try something new.

To conclude; I thank you so much for this nice and interesting interview for Xczech Magazine and desire you all the best wishes?

Thank you so much, Alejandro! It was a pleasure for me too and I wish at Xczech Magazine all the best too!

Alejandro Di Noto
Alejandro Di Noto is Magazine Writer, Journalist Interviewer and Editor from Argentina. He is Lawyer and Master in Innovation Engineering, Polyglot, Radio producer, Expert in Metaphysics, Parapsychology, Ufology, Marketing-Industrial Innovation with Beachwear, postgraduate University course trainee in Italy. Contact Email: alexander.alejandro@yahoo.com.ar

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