This week we bring you one of the best porn movies from the 1990s. Tarzan-X: Shame of Jane is a porn classic that got a lot of mainstream publicity (as much as is possible for a porn movie) when it was released. Directed by the late Italian porn legend Joe D’Amato, it stars Rocco and his real-life wife Rosa as Tarzan and Jane.

The movie is in Italian and has a fair bit of dialogue and even a plot in it. It is available in several language options for the subtitles, so if you can manage to get one in your language it’s a bit more enjoyable. But let’s focus on the main part – the plot and the hot sex scenes.

Jane (Rosa Caracciolo) comes to Africa and meets some friends who are part of an exploration team. Rosa splits up with her friends to go exploring. One of her friends, a tall blonde hottie (Russian babe Nikita Gross) then has the movie’s first sex scene with one lucky guy. The scene is short by today’s porn movie standards but Nikita is a delight to watch.

Next, Rosa injures herself and falls unconscious. Rocco comes in as the Apeman, as he is called in the movie, and takes her away to his jungle lair.  He strips her and discovers that OMG, she’s got lady parts! When Rosa wakes up, she is horrified by the Apeman for just a few moments. Seeing his big cock certainly seems to wash away any doubts and fears that she’s had. A hot scene follows where the experienced Rosa teaches our Apeman the delights of sex and rides him reverse cowgirl.

Romance blooms between them while her friends continue to search for her. Time for another sex scene.

The romance scenes between Rocco and Rosa are well-shot and involve a fair bit of acting and dialogue delivery where both the actors show that they are as good as any mainstream actors. Both of them climb trees, run around the jungle and are having fun when Rosa is kidnapped by a tribe for human sacrifice.  Rocco rescues her and the grateful Rosa has sex with him and takes a good facial this time.

Rosa then discovers that he is actually a nobleman’s son called John and so she cleans him up and brings him to her family. Where we finally get to see other characters and their sex scenes. A short haired brunette (Tunde) has a short sex scene at this point, which includes anal sex.

Rocco is at Rosa’s house and here he is seduced by the family maid. But our Apeman really gives it to the petite dark haired beauty (Lulu) when he fucks her in the ass.

The dinner table scene where Rosa imitates Rocco’s barbarian style of eating to save him from embarrassment shows that the director did put some thought into  the plot. In his room, Rocco is again seduced by two of Rosa’s friends..Nikita and Lana Jalta. But our Apeman is no fool. He fucks them both in the ass, makes them eat each other, gets double blowjobs and a rim job, makes them do ass-to-mouth (that too from one girl’s ass to another girl’s mouth) and cum sharing.

Rosa is watching from the door but doesn’t get jealous (just like she seems not to have a jealous bone in her body in real life for her husband’s porn career.)

Lulu the maid has another sex scene with a guy which is followed by Rocco’s scene with Tunde. No anal sex in either of them.

Rocco and Rosa finally have another scene. The movie ends with Rocco returning to his jungle roots.

An interesting fact for Rocco fans is that although he’s had anal sex with almost every female co-star in nearly all his movies and has several anal themed video series to his credit today. Rosa never worked with any other guy or even filmed a lesbian scene.


This movie also has a softcore version where there is more dialogue. But the XXX version is no doubt more enjoyable and the plot and sex scenes are good enough for the movie to be considered a “couples feature”.


The good thing about Tarzan X, like other Italian porn movies from the 1990s is the central European girls who are beautiful enough to be models and who don’t have any tattoos or the trashy look that is the trademark of many American pornstars today. Extraordinary is young Rocco Siffredi’s sexual performance. He is real italian stallion and sex machine. It lifts quality very high. Performance of the pornactor is more vital than many generally think. In this movie is good performer key to the success. Only con of this movie is shorter duration of the scenes. On other hand it is balanced by the high sexuality of the scenes.


Stars: Rocco Siffredi, Rosa Caracciolo
Directed by:  Joe D’Amato
Language:  Italian | Length: 94 mins
Studio: Capital Film | Year: 1994




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